By Doug Alderson Aviation Pioneers Have you ever wondered about the individuals for whom the streets and buildings in downtown Tallahassee were …

Apalachee Legacy

Doug Alderson Members of the Apalachee Indians of the Talimali Band in 2023, courtesy of the Talimali Band Tallahassee has long served …

Discover the fascinating and diverse world of Tallahassee-Leon County with these captivating fun facts! Prepare to be amazed by a region that …

Almost 12,000 years ago, people inhabited this area.  They established settlements, created some of the finest Native American pottery ever made, and traded with places as far away as the Great Lakes.

Limited resources are available to assist non-profit organizations interested in participating in Bicentennial events, programming, and activities.

Kathryn Belle Long was and will always be a daughter of the red clay hills of Tallahassee. Her love song “Tallahassee” written for her hometown is like no other.

The St. Petersburg Independent newspaper called Tallahassee’s 1924 centennial commemoration “the finest celebration ever held in Florida.” That was the type of praise lauded upon Tallahassee’s centennial efforts of November 9-15, 1924.

Some of Tallahassee’s history is not readily apparent and it begins with the antebellum period when the plantation-driven economy was dependent upon enslaved people of African descent.

Tallahassee’s Founding

Many people who have heard the story of Tallahassee’s founding think of it as a simple affair. In order to create a central location for Florida’s capital and territorial legislature, merging the Spanish-created West Florida and East Florida.